Mykola KOSTEL serves as senior expert/advisor/researcher and trainer/teacher.

Head of PhD and Doctor Habilitatus programs office. PhD, Assoc. Prof of the finance, banking and insurance department at SNAU.

Mykola Kostel has been experienced in the development of internal quality assurance policies and procedures at HEIs. Now he is the head of the PhD and Doctor Habilitatus Department at SNAU, while also being the secretary of the Academic integrity committee of SNAU and a member of the quality assurance council of SNAU. Previously he served as Deputy Director of Oleh Balatskyi Academic and Research Institute of Finance, Economics and Management at Sumy State University, where he was responsible for cooperation with business circles. Mykola KOSTEL was also for couple of years a Managing editor of the journal indexing in Scopus.

He has participated in various international projects (currently as a team member implement INTERADIS 619451-EPP-1-2020-1-NL-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP) visiting UK’s, Lithuanian and other countries HEIs.

Mykola KOSTEL in the project is alongside Oleh PASKO responsible for course ‘European values and standards in research’, he also as one having numerous business connections and being in direct contact with PhD students co-lead (lead Yuriy DANKO) Annual residential ENTERPRISE SCHOOL, while  together with the whole project team contributes to Autumn school too.

Moreover, Mykola KOSTEL is also the lead executant of this mentioned in the concept chapter untargeted by the project’s activities IDTP 7: Attractive Institutional Environment. Since this IDTP 7 relates more to administrative areas, the project team is going to address this outside the project (but within the project duration), thus producing a certain spin-off effect of the project and Mykola KOSTEL is well-positioned as Head of PhD and Doctor Habilitatus programs office to take a lead in that direction.