Oleh PASKO serves in the project as general manager, senior researcher, and trainer/teacher.

Ph.D. in economics, Head of the research coordination office at SNAU, Assoc. Prof. of the accounting and taxation department. His experience of teaching and researching work is more than 19 years and he has over 90 publications.

At the time of the largest increase in the number of foreign Ph.D. students, he worked as a deputy dean and tutored foreign Ph.D. students at the faculty. He is now responsible for Ph.D. students and supervises academic work at the university level, including for Ph.D. students, while being himself the supervisor of 4 international (China) Ph.D. students. So he knows all the business processes of working with foreign Ph.D. students from the inside on the level of faculty as well on the university’s level.

In his role, as Head of the research coordination office at SNAU, he reinvigorated the research activities of SNAU by implementing a collection of useful instructions for research staff ‘RCO informs’ (https://bit.ly/32T5VkU) and rebuilt the system of financial incentives for publishing activity (https://bit.ly/3umYi1r) participated in the development of the development strategy of SNAU 2021-2025 (https://bit.ly/34P6a11) in terms of research work, as well as conducted a baseline study of publishing activity (https://bit.ly/3rcwRCe), etc. Thus, Oleh possesses profound knowledge of bibliometrics, features of publishing activity, and research intelligence (active users of SciVal from Elsevier) and will lead the module in all activities. Furthermore, Oleh is at the forefront and is active not only in an administrative dimension but also as an active researcher (https://bit.ly/2Vykbfb) therefore, has a clear view of the latest developments in the realm of research. Oleh is also an expert in the accreditation of educational programs for NAQA - National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance (Ukraine).

Oleh has conceived the project and, thus, bears primary responsibility for all the projects activities to be done timely and of good quality, however in particular he is going to participate on ground level in the course ‘European values and standards in research’ along with Mykola KOSTEL and due to his expertise, he is instrumental in the implementation of course ‘Research metrics, research intelligence, and research excellence’ in cooperation with Yuriy DANKO and Yevheniia POLISHCHUK. And together with the whole project team, he will take an active part in the implementation of two schools (Autumn and Enterprise) and one academy (for supervisors), as well as an international conference, as all these events involve teamwork due to the nature of these activities.

Oleh has healthy project experience in an EU project being a WP leader in one of the Erasmus+ KA2 CBHE projects (TOPAS 585603-EPP-1-2017-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP) and coordinator and contact person in another (INTERADIS 619451-EPP-1-2020-1-NL-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP). He also participated in various Germany-funded DAAD projects and currently is the project manager of the Erasmus+ JM project (101047667-ERASMUS-JMO-2021-MODULE). He has a certificate from British Council which confirms his proficiency in English (IELTS Overall Band Score – 7.0 = CEFR C1; test report form # 21UA001679PASO001A).