Yevheniia POLISHCHUK serves as senior expert/advisor/researcher and trainer/teacher.

Doctor of Science, Full Professor,

Yevheniia POLISHCHUK has been active in the policy level in the realm of doctoral studies in Ukraine for the last decade. During her tenure as Coordinator of scientific and study programs at French-Ukrainian institute of management of Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman she made one of the first attempts in the country to translate doctoral training into the ‘European rails’. Later she was an expert and then Head of the Expert council by the Ministry of Education and Science in Ukraine, subsequently she was elected to Young Scientists Council (YSC) at the Ministry of Education and Science in Ukraine. From 2020 to the present Yevheniia POLISHCHUK is the Vice-chairman (responsible for international development) at Young Scientists Council (YSC) at the Ministry of Education and Science in Ukraine, having an impact opportunity on policy in the realm of doctoral studies.

Yevheniia is an established expert in doctoral training and is a EuroDoc delegate (the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers - a grassroots federation of national associations of early career researchers from European countries) participating in the working group “Training and Career Development”. Yevheniia produced several policy papers and one of them was on PhD supervision quality. Yevheniia POLISHCHUK is a seasoned expert in PhD supervision in she co-authored the study on design methodology of research on Quality supervision of PhD thesis, which was used by Eurodoc for 27 countries, thus, no wonder that in the EDOCS project Yevheniia POLISHCHUK leads PhD supervisors Academy (supported by all project team) and co-leads with Oleh PASKO and Iryna SKLIAR Autumn school in SNAU. While still quite middle-aged, Yevheniia can convey information to PhD students and Supervisors alike in a way as to the peers, whereas possessing considerable expertise, knowledge and experience, thereby substantially contributing to the project’s successful implementation.

Yevheniia POLISHCHUK is a recipient of several state awards: Scholar of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2016-2017), President of Ukraine Prize for the young scientist (2015) and beyond Eurodoc has sizable project experience, including a month-long internship “Innovative University and Leadership” (University of Warsaw and  Jagiellonian University (Krakow), November 2018), multiple internships in Germany (University of Konstanz), and France (Cergy-Pontoise University) and can boast Guest professor in Germany (University of Konstanz).

Yevheniia POLISHCHUK fluently speaks Ukrainian (native), English, and Russian and understands French.